CLICK-IT safety equipment.

This new safety equipment that we use since 2013 ensures and protects all of our players enjoying the accrobranche tree top adventures.

A specific training is given to them, allowing them to access courses in height with maximum safety.
In this totally safe belay system, unhooking by mistake is impossible.
This is a guarantee of safety for parents, carers and group leaders.
While providing optimum safety, and unlike a continuous life line, the player remains totally in control of his progression.
Click-it keeps your mind free and peaceful while playing exciting and powerful games.

Certificates and approvals.

If you need help or advice, our instructors always keep a watchful eye on you !
Trained specifically for the activity by obtaining professional certification as operator for ropes course in height, our instructors leave nothing to chance, neither the equipment nor the players.

Mandatory test certificates trees and games issued by independent accredited experts, are reviewed every year.

We are approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports: N° APNA/06/01