These general conditions apply automatically to any person entering the Leisure Park. The sale is deemed concluded on the date of acceptance of the provision of the service by the Park Management. Prior to this date, these conditions were made available to customers as referred to in Article L113-3 of the Consumer Code. All sales imply unreserved acceptance of these general conditions, which prevail over all other conditions with the exception of those that have been expressly accepted by Management.


The Park Management provides customers with a leisure park located on approximately four hectares of woods. It includes games in the trees (cables, ladders, nets, and many others) on 10 levels of emotion following courses reserved for adults and children, a set of activities and games on the ground for all ages, as well as a Laser game.

Access to the park, sale, or reservation

  • Access to the Park is during the periods, days, and times set out in the appendix.
  • Sale of access tickets to the Park:
    • either directly at the ticket office on the same day of access to the Park; the sale is then deemed firm and final.
  • either by reservation, accompanied by a deposit, which must be established on a quote issued by Management and also available to customers at the Park reception and returned 15 days before the scheduled date. Acceptance of the reservation, depending on availability, by Management results from the return of the quote, which includes the Park stamp, the access date, and the deposit paid. All reservations received by Management and accepted by them are deemed firm and final.
  • or by credit card on our website.


Unless there are specific express conditions specific to the sale, the prices are those mentioned on the day of reservation.
Prices are firm and final on this date. They are expressed in legal tender and stipulate that all taxes are included.
Payment terms: except for other terms expressly provided for in the special conditions, payment for access tickets to the Park is made by check, cash, bank cards, transfer, or money order as follows:

Cash on the day of entry to the Park. The quote is accompanied by a 20% deposit and the payment of the balance on the day of entry. Presentation of the order form to the public and similar authorities
No entry will be authorised without full payment on the day of entry.
An invoice will be given to customers.
In the event of a cancellation of the reservation by customers, the deposits paid will not be returned. They will be acquired as damages.

Closure of the park/closure of activities/reception capacity

The Management reserves the right to close the Park or certain activities for security reasons, force majeure, or unforeseeable events that cannot in any way engage the responsibility of the Management. In the event of the park’s closure or a reservation, the deposits paid will be refunded.
For security reasons, the Park’s reception capacity is limited to 300 people using the mandatory equipment provided.
priority of access to the games given to people who have made a reservation. As soon as the threshold is reached, any new entry will be made upon the return of the equipment by the exiting persons.


Safety and equipment use instructions are displayed at the entrance to the Park as well as at the start of each game, course, or activity on specific panels under the designation Internal Regulations. The Management reserves the right to exclude from the Park any person who does not respect the safety instructions.

The Management declines all responsibility in the event of non-compliance with safety instructions, in the event of misuse of materials, improper use, or use not in accordance with their intended purpose as stipulated in the safety instructions.

Children (under 14 years old) play in the Park under the responsibility of the adults accompanying them.

Children and people in schools, leisure centres, and other organisations are the responsibility of their supervisory staff. Adults and supervisory staff must ensure compliance with safety instructions and the proper use of equipment by the people under their responsibility.

The Management declines all responsibility in the event of loss or theft of customers’ personal effects, i.e., clothing, cameras, key glasses, etc. (non-exhaustive list), these being the personal responsibility of each customer. Any complaint must be sent to the Park’s customer service according to the terms defined in the conditions of sale. After contacting the customer relations department, in the absence of a satisfactory response within 60 days, the customer can contact the Tourism and Travel mediator, whose contact details and referral procedures are available on their website:


The conditions for opening the snack bar are set out in the appendix.
A meal reservation can be made upon request to the Park Management depending on availability.


To facilitate access to the Park, unsupervised parking is available to customers. The Management declines all responsibility in the event of theft, loss, or break-in.


For the definition of competent jurisdiction, Park Management elects domicile at its head office.