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An unusual night and 2 multi-activity days – Group min 15 people – max 40 people

Tépacap overnight stays allow you to experience an unforgettable weekend of games, sharing, pleasure and relaxation, in the exceptional setting of the Northern Vosges forest.

We have 5 wooden teepees, each of which can accommodate up to 8 people max.

Our stay package includes all the unusual games in the park, the unlimited treetop attraction, 1 hour of outdoor laser game; the multi-grill dinner, the evening at the fire, the night in a wooden tepee and breakfast.

A change of scenery and pleasure guaranteed!

Detailed description of the stay: You have booked a Tépacap night!, you arrive and leave at your convenience during the Park’s opening hours.

If tepees are available on your arrival, we suggest you install your belongings there, then visit the park or start the activities according to your desires: the dozen unusual games (Téossol), or the treetop adventure course (Tééco).

In the evening, we invite you to relax around a friendly meal, under a giant teepee. On the menu: 3 grilled dishes, fries, salad buffet, dessert, coffee (other drinks not included).

Throughout this day, we invite you to freely enjoy our activities:

The evening continues with a campfire, a rare moment of exchange and shared pleasure; a unique atmosphere!

After an unusual night in one of our wooden teepees, you will enjoy a gourmet breakfast, sweet and savory; on our terrace, in the sun and in the company of the little birds.

The day continues with 1 hour of outdoor laser game; then again the activity that you like: Téhoo, Téossol or relaxation! Beautiful walks outside the Park can also enhance your day (Haselfurth Pond 5 minutes away).

Detailed program

1st day :

2 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.: Welcoming participants with a welcome drink

Installation in teepees

Tééco activity: equipment, briefing, access to the courses

Free activities in Téossol for those who do not climb

Free end of the afternoon in the Park

8 p.m.: Multi-grill dinner

10 p.m.: Vigil at the fire near the overnight tepees

Overnight stay

2nd day :

8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.: breakfast

11 a.m. – 12 p.m.: outdoor laser game

Return of tepee keys no later than 11 a.m.

Lunch: your choice; reserve a group meal (optional), order individually at the snack bar, or meal from the bag

2:00 p.m.: free return to Tééco or Téossol activities

Or walk outside the Park or Tapagagné challenge (1h30, optional)

Free departure for participants

Organizational information

Reception of the group at 2 p.m., using the list of participants, in the presence of a manager at the park reception (list to be sent to us in advance).

The keys to the tepees will be given to the person in charge at the time of the welcome drink to allow the group to settle in.

A person from the park will be present when the group is welcomed, to direct participants to the different activities and to optimize the organization of your day.

If the 3 drinks package option has been chosen: distribution of tickets drink/person at the same time.

For the Tééco activity, it is imperative to bring together all the people wanting this activity in order to do just one briefing (up to 40 people max).

If the tapagagné challenge option is chosen, please specify at the time of booking.

We distribute the roadmaps for the Tapagagné challenge at lunchtime, to allow participants to create their teams.

In case of bad weather, you can warm up by a fire in the center of the giant teepee for even more conviviality.

Activities such as tree climbing or laser game are not obligatory but are automatically included in the price of the overnight package.

Specific equipment to be brought by participants

Closed shoes required to participate in activities. Spare and toiletries; comfortable outfits.

Sleeping bag, pillow and flashlight essential!

Description of the teepees:

Our teepees are wooden cabins with a lockable door and equipped with electricity (light and socket).

Their floor is 80% covered with mattresses and blankets on which you place your sleeping bag and pillow. A flashlight is essential for moving around the park at night.


From 120€.

Free for children under 4 years old

The following options can be added

Unlimited drinks package/day (excluding alcohol): €12.00/person

Package 3 drinks/day: €6.00/person

Lunch: Turkey blanquette: €12.00/pers

Lunch: Lasagna gratin: €10.00/pers

Dessert or ice cream: €2.00/pers

Unlimited coffee: €2.00/pers

Tapagagné Challenge: €10.00/group

Ask us for a quote.


Deposit amount: 30% upon booking confirmation (max 15 days before the scheduled date)

Payment of balance: 7 days after the event.

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