|     For all ages
To play together!
Many of our games and attractions are designed for everyone, regardless of your age.
You play together with family and friends.


Get that adrenaline rush !

Come jump,  turn, twist …. in short, our trampolines are full of fun.

At any time of the day and for all ages, several trampolines structures are available in the park.

  • A large structure of four trampolines is available to all players; to use up whatever energy you have left, or to continue…


A giant inflatable dome, spanning 200m², which can accommodate up to 20 people at the same time.
You can just try to pull yourself up to its top, or literally jump into it.
Try to cross it right through when your friends bounce on it; not even able to get there!
In any case, you spend a very fun…


Games to stay cool !

Tépamaboul is an attraction with a dozen games on ground , combining skill, balance, precision, competition and humour.Skittles, balloons, weights, bells less adrenaline, more laughter and relaxation!

Tépamaboul is for everyone, because the activities are on the ground and do not require any…


Enter in the three-dimensional maze and dive into the dark !

After the first meters, you lose all your landmarks.
Up ? On the right ? Search ! On the left ? Down ? But where is the passage ?
Come on, step over, face down, back away, but also slide… Persevere and you will come out !

In the dark, across 60 meters, , you imagine your story, you become a hero…


The nature starts at your feet !

Take off your shoes and wake up your senses to multiple natural surfaces: moss, sand, shingle, wood, mud, etc…Your feet will feel astonished !
Tépiénu is a course of 20 different surfaces that allows you to feel forgotten sensations, awaken the sole of your foot by multiple sensations: softness,…


A funny, entertaining and great fun attraction.

On 100 m2 of net hanging 5 m high, enjoy a feeling of weightlessness associated with the trampoline. Simply playful and great fun


Green challenges: find your way in our plant labyrinth

Take on the challenge of our redesigned plant labyrinth, a 600 square meter maze of greenery that will test your sense of direction. Walk the paths lined with majestic plant arches, adding a touch of magic to your adventure. Ideal for an outing with family or friends, come and test your abilities and enjoy a fun time in the heart of nature.