|     Powerful emotions

Burst of adrenaline!

Some of our attractions are specially designed to help you feel really thrilled.
Burst of adrenaline guaranteed!

Accrobranche - Tree top adventure

TEACCRO consists of 11 courses, 120 games, 2 to 10 metres high, with no time limit.
Mobile beams, suspended ladders, monkey bridges, nets, lianas, zip lines, slides and much more…

The course in height calls for your dexterity and balance, offering fun…


Enter in the three-dimensional maze and dive into the dark !

After the first meters, you lose all your landmarks.
Up ? On the right ? Search ! On the left ? Down ? But where is the passage ?
Come on, step over, face down, back away, but also slide… Persevere and you will come out !

In the dark, across 60 meters, , you imagine your story, you become a hero…

Laser Game Outdoor

The Laser outdoor game, new generation,
have fun outdoors in a totally harmless manner : 0% Pain 100% Action
Equipped with a gun with infrared sight, able to reach your target at over 100 m, enjoy this true scale video game in our forest settings.
You start enjoying the game immediately because of…