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An original and successful excursion to the Tépacap park !

You are a member of an association or a sports club, you wish to organise an outing suitable for the entire group : Tépacap meets all your expectations, your desires, your needs.

With our experience of many years, Tépacap has all that is necessary to make your outing a success; both in terms of activities and hospitality.

Entrance to the park gives you access to all the exciting games that, by their diversity, are suitable for everyone, from 4-70 years. Those who wish can opt for more tree climbing attraction and/or a session of relaxing outdoor laser game, and enjoy a multitude of different sensations !

Our two large terraces can accommodate up to 300 persons, for allowing all of you to meet comfortably during the meals, whether it is packed at home or prepared by us. Our terraces are sheltered by a giant tipi tent or the great oaks of the forest, therefore bad weather is not a problem and in cold weather, you will find warmth and friendliness around a good campfire.

Our snack bar is well equipped and our group meal proposals meet all tastes and budgets.

Adventure stay overnight in wooden tipi :

Specifically designed for groups, the adventure stay allows you to organise your outing over two or three days. The diversity of the proposed activities assure you well-filled, enjoyable days and at night, the park is yours for a friendly and relaxing evening. After a good meal prepared just right by us, you can all enjoy a rare moment, a vigil at the campfire, guaranteeing a unique atmosphere !

More information on the adventure stay.

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