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From kindergarten to high school !

You want to organise a fun and educational outing at the end of school year. You wish to create a real class cohesion as from September.

Our wide variety of games and attractions suitable for all ages, and offers students a full day of excitement and discoveries. Our two large terraces welcome you with meals; whether it is packed at home or prepared by us. Regardless of the weather, our giant tipi tent shelters you and brings warmth and friendship.

From 4 years (last year of kindergarten until CE2)

  • Tépasipti : playground and exploring reserved for smaller children
  • Télutin : perched huts and hanging nets, a world where children under 10 have priority.
  • Técurieux : educational space on the flora and fauna of our forests in the Northern Vosges Regional Park.
  • Tépaperdu : treasure hunt to discover the legendary inhabitants of the forest, our friends the trolls
  • Trampolines : always fun
  • Tépiénu : to find the original feelings
  • Tédanlnoir : The three-dimensional maze lit (on request)
  • Tépamaboul : set of​several games calling for balance, dexterity and precision
  • Tégonflé : giant inflatable dome
  • Téfilet : giant hanging net

Escort : For a successful day, book a guide for 6/8 children. You can form groups moving from game to game; to enjoy all the activities and experience a multitude of different sensations.

From 7 years CE2 class or primary school

  • All our exciting games.
  • The tree top attraction : Téaccro. Our courses in height are progressive and all students can access them. The first three courses are easy. Then, each student has the freedom to continue with the course in height, as long as he feels comfortable. Otherwise, he will continue his day in the exciting games.

Escort : For a successful day, provide a guide for 6/8 children. Some of them will be able to accompany children in the course in height, others can monitor them from the ground or accompany children in other exciting games.

College, high school, university

  • All our exciting games including the Tube Tédanlnoir : make your students work through the three-dimensional maze; they’ll love it ! You can encourage class cohesion by opting for a group and timed version.
  • The tree top attraction : Téaccro. According to the desires and abilities of your students, they have the choice to stop the course in height, once they have reached their limits; or to recommence the course they liked as long as they like.
  • The laser game outdoor : choose a session of one hour or two hours in our forest settings. To win a game, teamwork is essential !

Adventure stay, overnight in teepee

We have developed an adventure stay suitable for schools to best meet your needs. From experience, we can assure you that our Tépacap park is a great place to get to know one another differently from the school environment, sharing emotions, joys and fun.

Autumn often offer good weather, adequate to stay in our park during 2 or 3 days, with an overnight stay of the group in our wooden tipis. This creates group cohesion after the summer holidays, which is verified during the remainder of the school year; whether between students or between students and teachers.

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