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From 4-16 years, our Tépacap park meets the desires of all children.

Young to old, all the children have fun all day, thanks to our wide range of exciting games and attractions. There is something for every taste, all desires, at all ages.

In all of Moselle and Alsace, our Tépacap Park Bitche is certainly the only amusement and forest recreation park, by its wide variety of activities, to suit all children enrolled in your structure for promoting youth activities. With our experience of many years, Tépacap has everything to meet the needs of children and their carers; not only in terms of activities, but also comfort, hospitality and safety.

Our two large terraces can accommodate up to 300 persons, for allowing all of you to meet comfortably during the meals, whether it is packed at home or prepared by us. Our terraces are sheltered by a large tipi tent or the great oaks of the forest, bad weather is therefore not a problem. And in cold weather, you will find warmth and friendliness around a good campfire.

We no longer count the number of managers of youth activities structure, who spontaneously expressed their satisfaction at being able to visit Tépacap with all the children enrolled. An overwhelming majority of them made a trip our park a must from year to year.

Escort : For a successful day, provide a guide for 6/8 children. You can form groups moving from game to game; to enjoy all the activities and experience a multitude of different sensations.

Adventure stay :

Tépacap Bitche also offers mini adventure holidays of 2 or 3 days, for overnight stay of groups under wooden tipis. The diversity of the proposed activities assure you well-filled, enjoyable days. Our different hospitality structures bring you comfort and relaxation the rest of the time. As for the evenings, the children gather around a cheerful campfire, roast marshmallows, a rare and unforgettable moment of sharing, joy and fun.

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